The reason behind the name The Birth Symphony

I believe birth is as magical as a beautiful symphony. Women are powerhouses and every woman deserves for their birth and the meeting of their baby to be one of the best days of their lives.

When everything is in tune and in balance the normal physiology of birth is magical. When a woman can tune into her mind and body in labour, she will create her own unique beautiful symphony or birth story; one that sings to the heart.

When a medical complexity throws in a ‘chime’ or ‘ting’ off key, hypnobirthing can give you a set of unique instruments to work with that ‘chime’ and still create a magical birth symphony.

Hypnobirthing Australia understands the different elements for a positive birth; knowledge, tools, support, preparation. It is here where you and your birth partner will become equipped to compose your own unique birth symphony which you will forever dance joyfully to when reminiscing on the day you met your baby for the first time.

I know Hypnobirthing Australia’s techniques work. I’ve tried and tested it personally, three times over and if my husband even gave me the slightest idea that he’d like another, I’d jump at the opportunity to experience birth again! The births of all my children were simply magical!

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