When should I start Hypnobirthing classes?

You can begin hypnobirthing any time, however we recommend that the optimal time to start your course is between 20 and 30 weeks. If you are beyond 30 weeks, please get in touch, it’s not too late.

Is hypnobirthing still relevant if I am planning an epidural or considered "high risk"?

Yes, yes, yes!! During the course you will learn several relaxation techniques that will be useful for both you and your baby, regardless of your unique birth journey. Hypnobirthing teaches you how to cope with stressful situations to remain calm and in control.

My partner is a bit skeptical ...

It isn’t unusual for partners to be less enthusiastic about hypnobirthing classes but I assure you after our first session together they will be more supportive and on board. Our Positive Birth Program is down-to-earth, straightforward and easy to learn. Your partner will learn hands on practical skills to know how to support you during your labour and birth.

 I’m more than happy to jump on a phone call with the two of you before you book to get everyone on the same page before we kick off 🙂

Will I be hypnotized during my birth?

The name ‘hypnobirthing’ can scare people a little, but it is just one of the many tools and techniques that you will learn to prepare yourself for a positive birth. Hypnotherapy, deep relaxation, is all self hypnosis and you will still be acutely aware of your beautiful birth and surroundings. Hypnotherapy learnt through these classes will help you let go of fears leading up to your birth and condition yourself to release endorphins during childbirth.

Will my hospital/obstetrician/midwife be supportive of me hypnobirthing?

The hypnobirthing Australia course is recommended by caregivers and childbirth professionals nationally. In class, you will learn how to create a plan of Birth Preferences, which will help you to communicate your birthing goals and preferences to your care provider.

Can my partner attend the course?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage your partner or birth partner to attend the class. They are just as important in your birth journey as you are. They will learn many practical skills to support you during your labour and birth. Supporters often feel lost as to how they can help whilst their partner is in labour, unless they’ve completed hypnobirthing classes of course!

How is hypnobirthing different to the hospital antenatal classes provided?

Hospital classes are often focused on interventions and medical procedures during birth. Hypnobirthing is comprehensive childbirth education. The classes provide you with the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to help you make well informed decisions to have a positive birth. Hypnobirthing follows the ethos of normal physiological birth and empowers women in knowing that their bodies are absolutely designed to birth their babies. There is no harm in attending both classes, after all, knowledge is power!

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