What is hypnobirthing all about – and how can it help me?

I’m so glad you asked. You’re already one step closer to having a positive birth journey. Hypnobirthing incorporates the use of hypnosis to ensure you have a positive birth journey. Despite the terminology, hypnobirthing isn’t “hippy” at all. It is scientific, evidenced-based information that leads to better birthing outcomes. Hypnobirthing Australia classes provide you with the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to help you make well informed decisions to have a positive birth. Hypnobirthing follows the ethos of normal physiological birth and empowers women in knowing that their bodies are absolutely designed to birth their babies. When the mind and body work together in a supported environment, physiological birth is more easily achieved, and with enjoyment too.

Hypnobirthing isn’t just for the birthing mother but also her birthing partner who will learn tools and techniques to advocate for the mother and ensure a calm birth. Hypnobirthing is here to stamp out society’s view on birth. It’s here you learn to retrain your brain and take out the FEAR of birth.


Birth is powerful and beautiful. Hypnobirthing teaches you how to switch on the primal part of your brain where you are wired to birth. Hypnobirthing classes will teach you techniques so you can practice self-hypnosis during your pregnancy and leading up to birth, so that when it’s time to meet your gorgeous bundle you can really switch on that primal part of your brain.

Hypnobirthing will leave you with a deep understanding of the labour and birthing process and ensure you are well equipped to make informed decisions. This will mean even when things don’t go quite as planned, (as we don’t ignore that medical complications can occur), you can still remain in the driver’s seat of your birth journey and make safe choices for yourself and baby so you can still have a positive birth experience.

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