Hypnobirthing Australia – The Positive Caesarean Birth Course, is specifically designed to assist mothers and birth partners to achieve a positive caesarean birth. Every parent deserves to meet their baby with joy. Every woman deserves to have an empowered, calm, birth experience, no matter how baby comes into the world.

Many women may be planning a caesarean for their birth, for a multiple of different reasons and sometimes mother’s may feel disappointed (if this wasn’t their first choice of birth) or often scared about the upcoming birth. Just like with all other births, a caesarean birth can and should be empowering and beautiful.


The course outline covers 6 main topics (outlined below) over a total of 4 hours. All Positive Caesarean Courses are offered privately in the comfort of your own home.

With your class tuition you will also receive

  • Folio resource booklet
  • Online resources
  • MP3s
  • eBook
  • Practice videos
  • Extra tuition videos
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Bonus birth videos

Healthy Mind & Body

  • Understanding how our mind works
  • What is self-hypnosis?
  • What does a ‘positive birth’ mean?
  • How fear can affect our body and birth
  • Thoughts are powerful
  • Reprogramming our subconscious/conditioning
  • Language of positive birthing
  • The power of affirmations
  • Pre-birth bonding
  • Healthy mother, healthy baby

Toolkit for Birth

  • The importance of facial relaxation
  • Relaxation breathing – the most efficient path to ‘calm’
  • Music for birthing
  • Using touch to release endorphins
  • Instant relaxation techniques for use through pregnancy, birth and recovery
  • Specific self-hypnosis techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Visualizing birth
  • Hypnotic anchors and triggers for deep relaxation
  • Acupressure points

Knowledge is Power

  • Further reading and research
  • Birthing preferences
  • Every week counts
  • Closing the hormonal gap
  • The gentle/natural/family friendly caeserean birth
  • Baby’s microbiome
  • Initiate breastfeeding
  • Tips for a healthy recovery

Releasing Fears

  • Fear release and visualization of birth practical session

Support Crew

  • Communicating with our caregivers
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Cheat sheet for mother and birth partner
  • Rehearsal for birth practical session

Preparation – the key to success!

  • Routine for practice
  • A positive caeserean birthing video

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